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Todd Alcott
14 October 2007 @ 03:19 am

As the applause died down and the credits rolled on the showing of Michael Clayton I attended tonight, I remembered that at Rotten Tomatoes the movie is currently enjoying a 90% percent "fresh" rating. For folks like me who think too much about these things, that number, 90, stuck out weird. It's just too close to 100. 85, I know that's going to be a pretty good movie, since a movie with an 85 obviously doesn't appeal to absolutely everyone. But 90? That means that almost everyone liked it, except one or two people who didn't. And after watching the movie (I intentionally did not read any of the reviews beforehand, as I didn't want to know anything about it) I just had to find out who watched this movie, in a marketplace otherwise utterly devoid of intelligent, well-crafted, well-executed, adult entertainment, and said "feh."

Rotten Tomatoes found two in their "Cream of the Crop" section -- Jan Stuart seems to have been legitimately (slightly) disappointed, but the other negative review is by Rex Reed, who seems to be a total fucking moron.

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