Todd Alcott

All Hollywood is a-twitter about Grindhouse failing to meet expectations.

Why did it fail? Critics loved it.  Audiences, such as they are, loved it.  I loved it (I want to see it again before I write anything about it -- it's quite an experience, but I can almost guarantee you it is not what you expect it will be).

(I got a phone call from a female friend, no fan of violence against women or cinematic esoterica, on opening night, imploring me to run, don't walk, to see it immediately.)

Rodriguez, Tarantino and the Weinsteins offered audiences a feast: two full-length features, plus fake previews, for the price of a single ticket (I saw it at a matinee for six dollars.  Six dollars!)  The package is a cinematic marvel, the movies are great, there are all kinds of extra gewgaws that come with it (fake trailers, fake scratches on the prints, all manner of filmic in-jokes).  Why did people stay away?

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